50 cent bitter ass!

posted by keasyy

50 cent is bitter because he DIDN’T get ANY Grammy Nominations!

When questioned by MTV UK what’d he think about the artists with the leading noms. (Beyonce & Taylor Fierce) he said:

“Man, f*ck the Grammys!

I couldn’t care less about the Grammy Awards. It’ll be the Beyonce and Taylor Swift show.

I guess they’ll both be performing at the awards show, which means their record companies will be spending money to raise the production values of the entire show.

And when you spend that kind of money you’re supposed to get trophies.”

IDK what’s funnier… the fact that he lashed out, or the fact that he expected an award!

wutdoyou think?


7 Responses to “50 cent bitter ass!”

  1. 50’s always so quick to hate on what he doesn’t have. And saying f*ck the Grammy’s isn’t gonna get him one any quicker. Someone get this baby a pacifier, I’m tired of hearing his bitch ass cry.


  2. Why 50 gats to be so mad, I mean its not like he’s flopping or anything. I am really feelin’ this Creole Corner steeze, its so spicy my pussy is already burning up, eeoow hanney

  3. AKisdabest Says:

    i don’t know why he is mad in the first place. his album wasn’t even eligible for a Grammy nomination this time around. his comment wasn’t needed at all. maybe he needs to make some better songs and then he will get a Grammy. #justsaying

  4. clearly he mad………..you put n no work you get nothin out

  5. The fact that he was expeacting an award haahha


    Dammmmmmmnnnnnnnn lolololololol

  7. ugh dis gorilla jus bitter cuz aint no one checking for his ass why cant hegive credit where it due and he jus came out ofcourse he not gon get nnominated

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