Well Damn Tiger

Posted by Beez

These past couple weeks haven’t been easy for Tiger. Getting beat by his wife, crashing his SUV, being exposed as an adulterous dog, and MULTIPLE jumpoffs coming forward. Now one of the tramp hoes mistresses have gone into detail (with the exception of an attention hungry VH1 skeezer) until now. Mindy contacted the UK based news site News of The World with intimate details. Here are a few excerpts from the story.

Mindy, 33, becomes the NINTH girl linked with the world’s richest sportsman as he displayed all the hallmarks of a sex addiction. In an exclusive interview the brunette revealed Woods:

DEMANDED instant, urgent sex when they met up.

ROMPED in five different rooms at his mansion and even in a church car park.

SENT explicit text messages ahead of their sex sessions.

URGED her to wear saucy undies in his favourite colour, red.

TOOK his wife to Mindy’s restaurant.

“He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him and we had sex against the wall of the hallway.”

“It was so passionate. Tiger had such strong arms he held me there as me made love.”

Over the course of the affair she and Woods had sex in five different parts of his house. As well as the hall there was the TV room, shower, living room and even the garage. Recalling one occassion, Mindy said:

“The electric doors had just closed when Tiger grabbed me and began tearing my clothes off. There was a golf cart and a set of clubs but very little else.”

NINE women Tiger? That’s a damn shame. What’s just as bad is he brought her INTO the house. For someone who cheated so many times, he sure does act like an amateur. BUT, did anyone else catch the shade of him bringing his wife to the restaurant where she worked? Tsk tsk. The Link to the rest of the story is after the jump.



One Response to “Well Damn Tiger”


    The Creole Corner,
    C u guyz r on it like… fuckn lights so yea…. datz so fuckn scandalous Tiger Woods is not he motherfuckn man…. His punk ass… first of all i dont think n e of thoze women were white. Then they dogged his ass out like the bitch he is for cheating even one time. Those bitches were fuckn ugly ugly ugly! Only those dumb bitches old wrinkleed washed up would tell the world their hoes…. damn Tiger…. fuck u! but ur wife needs prayor all the help she can get counciling u did her wrong dude!

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