Alicia Keys' Album Review

posted by keasyy

Alicia Keys – The Element of Freedom | hits stores 12/15/09
(Along with Robin Thicke)

here’s the review…

Alicia’s back with her 4th studio album. (it LEAKED!!) I just listened briefly and its OKAY to me, nothing to break your neck over, we all know she’s talented, just wish she’d go OUTSIDE of her box a little more often. I love an album that flows (as i mentioned in Robin Thicke’s album review) and this album does just that. I don’ t HATEorLOVE it…


2. Love is Blind
3. Mashonda Try Sleeping with a BrokenHeart
7. Unthinkable — Ft. Drake
9. Like the Sea
10. Put it in a Love song — Ft. Beyonce
12. Distance in Time
14. Empire State of Mind (part II) Broken Down
im NOT an alicia fan – however, ill give credit where its due!


5 Responses to “Alicia Keys' Album Review”

  1. Its a solid album….she is always consistent. When I heard “Try Sleeping with a Brokernheart” I thought the album was going to be out of this world…but…it cool! I will support.

    Love that track with Beyonce!

  2. Im trying to wait until the album comes out in stores before I buy it.
    I wanna get the feeling of buying albums and racing home to listen to
    em again…. So that’s what Im gonna do. I haven’t even heard the
    Bey/Akeys collab.. So I really can’t wait. I’ve heard some good solid
    reviews about it…

    PS. Do ya’ll remember how much of a MASTERPIECE Diary OF Alicia Keys
    was??! OMG!! That album is perfection.. She did the damn thang!

  3. She really hasn’t impressed me since Diary, but I’ll give this a listen.

  4. akisdabest Says:

    well i like the album a lot; all the tracks on this album are very good; no fillers in my opinion; the album really does give you a sense of freedom like the title says

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