Are Stores Not Stocking Chris Brown's Album?

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It seems that way. Chris Brown took to Twitter (@MechanicalDummy) to vent his frustrations.

MechanicalDummy: im tired of this shit. major stores r blackballing my cd. not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. what the fuck do i gotta do…

MechanicalDummy: WTF… yeah i said it and i aint retracting shit

MechanicalDummy: im not biting my tongue about shit else… the industry can kiss my ass

see what WE think after the JUMP!

If that is true, then I completely understand his anger. Regardless of what goes on in his personal life, Chris is in the industry to do ONE thing, and that’s entertain. Holding what he did against him is wrong. Yes he fucked up big time, but it happened nearly 10 months ago. He’s young, just turned 20, he made a mistake and we can’t persecute him for the rest of his life. It’s time to let go, if they’ve moved past it then so should everyone else, especially if it didn’t effect you directly. The album reviews have been unfair and biased, and this takes it to a whole ‘nother level. In all honesty, his album isn’t epic, but it’s a good album. Go pick it up, don’t listen to the bitter Rihanna stans or idiotic critics. Imagine if it was someone close to you in this situation, and people were taking money out of their pockets.


ummm … what HE said! lmao. i have the album so i really dont care, i barely have listened to it. how does he kno they “blackballing” him and he’s just NOT selling cuz the shit leaked and it AINT all that. but idk… i think ppl need to get the fuck over it. im sick of hearing about him and rihanna… this is what they get for putting out  albums right next to eachother. now they’re BOTH in the spotlight/all over tv/ ofcourse ppl aint gonna forget that night he molly whopped ha! but… we feel for ya chris! ike turner was never blackballed! HMPH!


We here at The Creole Corner do not support domestic violence in ANY way shape or form.

We do, however, realize that we are not God, therefore we reserve no right to judge him.


13 Responses to “Are Stores Not Stocking Chris Brown's Album?”

  1. "It's Ratchet, Nigra." Says:

    I like him. As a person. I would stan for him if I liked his music more.
    And he’s EXACTLY two weeks older than I am… He’s a “pop star”, I guess, I want to be one. I wouldn’t want anyone holding anything I do today, or in the past, against me for the rest of my life, keeping me from living my dream. I feel for him, I really do.

  2. ……….Hope he dont get mad & beat them 2 LOL i luv the album i dont blame him for sayin that the industry shady tho years ago they was ridin him like a radio show nah they actin like his breath stank

  3. chelsey Says:

    I agree wit keasyy cuz how would u kno they black ballin u… But he shoulda expected some negative in sells bcuz of what happaned idk

  4. LOL, ya’ll used the perfect picture for the situation. He looks so defeated…

    Anyway, if this is true, it’s wrong. Chris is not the first convicted felony musician/artist and he won’t be the last. He should get a fair shot at selling albums just like everyone else. Let the public decide for themselves rather they want his c.d. or not.

  5. This is bull shxt. Them stores need to put his album on the shelves! iKnow that incident hurt his career but damn its over with. He apologized they both moved on & now are in better places. Why is he still suffering smfh.

  6. they shouldn’t be,….he should continue cleaning the streets

  7. "It's Ratchet, Nigra." Says:

    BTW, record labels know how many records are shipped and where they are shipped to… this isn’t just him reaching.
    As if that’s not enough, fans been taking pictures of the empty spaces for his album and shit.

  8. lmao KEASY u r silly “what he said” *death* but anyway im scik of the chris brown and rihanna thing as well its just sooo LATE who gives…..but you know the world is fulll of LATE people sooooo CHRIS BROWN it is what it is i guess you “what goes around around” is gone be going around for a LLLLOOONNNGGGGGG ass time…lol.but personally your album is HOT! i MYSPACED it the day it came out……FYI……..TOODLES YALL!

  9. WELL I MAD A TYPO in the first one here it is again the RIGHT way

    lmao KEASY u r silly “what he said” *death* but anyway im scik of the chris brown and rihanna thing as well its just sooo LATE who gives…..but you know the world is fulll of LATE people sooooo CHRIS BROWN it is what it is i guess your“what goes around comes around” gone be going around for a lllllooooonnggg ass time but personally your album is HOT! i myspaced it the day it came out….FYI toodles yall!

  10. […] must’ve been something in the air yesterday because not only was Chris Brown popping off, but also Swizz Beatz and soon after his bitter Ex-Wife Mashonda. Last night Swizz came on twitter […]

  11. redprincess Says:

    All I can say is imagine what’s gonna happen when Kanye tries to make a come back.

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