Swizz Beats VS Mashonda

Posted by Beez

It must’ve been something in the air yesterday because not only was Chris Brown popping off, but also Swizz Beatz and soon after his bitter Ex-Wife Mashonda. Last night Swizz came on twitter and had the following tweets to say…

Oh yeah get that album on the 15th it’s Fireeeeeee yeah I said it and what!!!!!!!!!! That’s my boo!!!!!!! 4 life!

Fuck what the say or said I’m a good man but when It’s time to move on it’s time to move on it’s just time! I’m also a great fucking dad but nobody gives a shit!

People talking about I cheated how the fuck can I cheat when I was separated ass holes:) Its been damn near 2years plus hello! G .A.Life!

Hmm, it’s his twitter so he’s allowed to say what he wants. He wasn’t causing any harm or throwing dirt on anyone’s name. MASHONDA however…

Here’s the bottom line,u were married whn u started ur affair, ur married now. And both of u knew wht it was.Separation came after the fact.

Now peps, this is why its important to keep God 1st! I’m not gonna battle my sons father on twitter about his mistress. Yall WON!

Now, Mashonda…who was battling bew? Swizz did not call you out, did not refer to you in any way, shape or form. So you lashing out out of nowhere shows you’re just a bitter ex-wife who can’t accept the fact that he moved on. And the fact that you’re doing this a couple days before Alicia’s album release reinforces that. I personally believe Swizz, if they were separated he has every right to date someone else. Show me where it says he has to hide out in a cave until the divorce is finalized, because as we ALL know divorces take time. Also, who says Mashonda’s word is golden just because she’s the woman? Women lie just as much as men do. Anyways, that’s my take on the situation leave your below.


6 Responses to “Swizz Beats VS Mashonda”

  1. AGREED! 110%!

  2. J Rod Says:

    Ok I think that both parties need to shut the fuck up
    And let whatever happened in their private life remain as such

  3. you better say that beez….yyaasss you explanined that very well.even though we call alicia HOMEWRECKER its all in jokes since it was after seperation i beleive swiss as well..because as you said women lie as well…so just because she the BITCH dont mean SHIT…girl BOO you aint the RIHANNA in this situation for one she THIRSTY as hell for spilling TEA on http://WWW.TWITTER.COM not saying you cant blast people on it.but you know bitches will do anything for followers…2nd…chiillee #icant anymore…..i know being cheating on hurts.but if you sperated then it is what it is..CHILE if you wasnet getting no dick until the divorce was finalized bitch you’z a FOOL……….SWISS was the MYA in this situation “IM MOVING ON…ONNNN” and bitch you was the TIRED BEYONCE not do the SINGLE LADIES correct cuz clearly he and KEPT a ring on it #boop girl continue to sleep with a broken heart……TOODLES

  4. LOL. umm… fxck ha! (mashonda) that bitter bxtch blocked me on twitter lastnite.

  5. AKisdabest Says:

    Kahla went OWF lolll; but i just hope Alicia doesnt respond in any way; all the responding and arguing needs to be done in music not over the internet; and oh yeah Mashonda is bitter chick #thatisall

  6. redprincess Says:

    Mashonda is messy as hell. She reminds me of my boyfriend’s BM.The internet is not the place to air ur dirty laundry.I could see if he left her and the kids without but im pretty sure Mashonda is far from broke.She is trying to ruin Ms.Keys career.Mashonda better stop be4 her actions backfire

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