Kelis Addresses Her Duplicates

Posted by Beez.

Kelis had an interview with Honey Mag today and talked about everything from baby Knight to people copying her. Check out an excerpt below.

Honey Magazine: Going back to your site, the first thing that caught our attention was your hair. What inspired the silver and gold look?

Oh, I don’t know, I just feel like an animal. I kept thinking of a wolf or a husky and that’s what they look like.

Are you the type to wake up and say “I want to switch my hair up today” or is it premeditated?

Um, it’s a little bit of both.

Is this your favorite look?

Mmm, no, it’s just for right now. Every look I’ve had is my favorite look (laughs).

In regards to you, that seems to be the consensus for a lot of today’s female artists as well. How do you feel about all these half-shaved heads on chicks like Cassie and Rihanna?

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Well I was definitely the first to do it. The only other person I would give credit before me is Pepa. Other than that, I expect them to copy me. What else are they supposed to do? They’re young. God bless them.

It gets interesting though because you’ve reached a point where you can actually see the artists of Generation Kelis, yet it’s not like you’ve retired.

Yeah. At the end of the day, everyone is just waiting for someone to do something new and if it’s generally me, then I’ll take that responsibility (laughs).

Who do you think did your look the best?

Oh, I don’t know. They’re all duplicates (laughs).

(Laughs) You’re like, “I did it the best, fuck that!”

I did though (laughs).

Check out the rest of the interview here.

Well, I have to agree. She was the originator of a lot of looks that the girls are rocking today. What do you think?


7 Responses to “Kelis Addresses Her Duplicates”

  1. she is giving me to much fever……but whatever i fucks with her

  2. What’s sad is 20 years from now, if they even give a fuck, Kelis probably won’t get credit for her looks. Rihanna will.

  3. IHate_Bhaterz Says:

    Rihanna did not steel her look from Kelis..I mean all kelis is know for is that one song,there was never a “kelis era”.. Shaved heads were a trend in the 90’s&80’s..Kelis was not the first to do this nor will she be the last..And then she say’s “The only other person I would give credit before me is Pepa”
    *face palm*….WELL DOSN’T THAT MEANS YOU WERE NOT THE FIRST PERSON TO DO IT.Who’s to say Rihanna got inspired by a flop like Kelis but not an Icon like Pepa for her hair.. Come on now if anything Rihanna jacked her style from Pink (someone known)

  4. I love me some Kelis. I like that she’s addressing it and subtly throwing shade without being a bitch about it. That’s how you dew it.

  5. KELIS IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    RIHANNA HERPES, THE HIGH SCHOOL DROP-OUT COPIED KELIS’ STYLE HARD! She will never be as innovative or as fashion forward as Kelis and thats #FACT!

  6. RedZONE Says:

    iF iT waSnT fOR kELIs rIHAnNA WoULd StILL bE BiTInG bEYOnCE’s STyLE

  7. what style does kelis have??? all i remember is MILKSHAKE and BOSSY??? when was she ever the fashionista??? –keasyy

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