Chris Brown Latest album BLACKLISTED [PROOF]

posted by keasyy

well i guess Chris Brown wasn’t just being his normal WHINING self, and he was right about stores not selling his album!


this is his HOMETOWN btw

wutdoyou think???


7 Responses to “Chris Brown Latest album BLACKLISTED [PROOF]”

  1. i think its a fucking shame.. and they need to stop with all the bullshit and let the boy express himself thru his music!

  2. Who the hell they think they are!!!!
    why r they still on this like he said its in the past. They both moved on like wtf

  3. damn..

  4. dats some fucked up like forreal thatsthat bullshit

  5. Alinafey Says:

    Thats actually a good album, shame… Aren’t all the apologies, community service, public humiliation (and maybe herpes) enuff??? They need to get a grip, Rhi rhi ain’t no angel neither!

  6. AKisdabest Says:

    walmart just be effin up the time; thats why i dont buy entertainment stuff from them now; they neither dont stuff in stock or just dont stock it smh; it just isnt right 4 them to stop stockin his album

  7. lyket Says:

    juz leave the man alone, its as if he was caught raping a one month baby. he is a person and make mistakes like a person . that’s a bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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