Jayonce APPROVE of Nicki Minaj

posted by keasy

Robin’s said in interviews previously that he went to Jay-Z for advice on what his “Shaking it for Daddy” song needed. AND Jay recommended the NICKSTER… they hooked up, and the song is HOT! (to-me)

Nicki Minaj recently tweeted that BEYONCE and Jay-Z like her verse on the song.

peep wat she said below

NEVER HEARD IT??? ur LATE!! listen to song after the jump!


3 Responses to “Jayonce APPROVE of Nicki Minaj”

  1. iThink the only reason people listened to it is cause Nicki is on it but hey *wipes teeth* who am iTo talk lol

  2. AKisdabest Says:

    okay i wouldnt think that bey would listen to nicki but i guess im wrong lol

  3. chille all the BEY STANS that hated her prolly LOVE her now……LMAO #shade but owell thats cool…..cool that BEYONCE said that

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