Diddy in WAX

posted by keasyy

diddy gets added to the Madame Tussad’s WAX Museum in New York

wutdoyou think?

see more pics after the jump

yasssss beyonce! lol



10 Responses to “Diddy in WAX”

  1. that is so creepy O_O

  2. HubbaHubba Says:

    Wow that really does look like him.

    They made Beyonce’s nose too big.

  3. LMAO! They got it right!!
    They ALWAYS do Beyonce soooo wrong
    when it comes to Madame Tussads. LMAO!

    I think the best one of her is in England.
    But they got diddy right..

    And Beyonce sooo happy about hers. LMAO
    That was back in the time when she was just
    happy to be solo and she wasn’t thinking about nothing.

    But now, Sasha be throwing hella shade
    when she go up in that piece.
    Yep. She told me.

    • they have a sasha fierce one.. its sooo ugly!!

      http://bit.ly/4NmJaM <— there it is

      • They give her that same played out pose
        ERRY TIME!!

        I can go on a rampage about
        Madame Tusadd’s and Beyonce..
        But I will let it goo..

        I guess perfection just
        can’t be duplicated..

        All them other late queens
        :cough: (Diddy…Usher)
        Can be imitated and duplicated.

        🙂 That is all.

  4. lmfaoo which one is da wax dummy

  5. Hmp Im still waiting on mines!

  6. WOW! they did that……..looks JUST LIKE HIM….

  7. babiboi1028 Says:

    I’m sry, but Diddy is annoying. People need to just stop talking about him. but YESSSSS to my girl Bey!!!

  8. cashmoney87 Says:

    lol..(on the top pic) The wax Diddy looks better than the real one!

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