Kardashians do SINGLE LADIES

posted by keasyy

Kim…& the others take promo pics to advertise their NEW season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (Sunday @10pm on E!). & they did a SPOOF of Beyonce’s Single Ladies!  “wut ut oh!” idk when people are gonna get sick of this song/video

there’s so much #shade in this pic.

why is kim beyonce? and why is khloe the man from the video *side-eyes*


12 Responses to “Kardashians do SINGLE LADIES”

  1. HubbaHubba Says:

    It’s cute. Kim thinks she’s the sh*t and she isn’t, Kourtney is effin gorgeous, and Khloe is such a sweet heart.

  2. What you talking bout #shade???

    Look how good they all look!!!!
    Kim looks good!
    Kourt looks good pregg!!
    And Khloe looks good as always!!!
    OMG! I loves this pic!
    And Kims hand is just giving me life!!

  3. khloe’s head looks big!

  4. lmfao @ “Kim…& the others ”
    iLike this pic.
    Kim is my lover #inmyhead

  5. yyeess my girls r hotttt *tisk*

  6. I also think the pic is HOT as hell!!! I Love it 🙂

  7. IHate_Bhaterz Says:

    lol How is Khloe the man ? Wasn’t the man on Kourt’s side! I don’t think it’s shade….Kim is the star of the sisters we all know that Khloe & Kourt know that too that’s why she’s beyonce..

  8. IHate_Bhaterz Says:

    oppps never mind Khloe is on the man side isn’t she lol

  9. I loooove da pic. Its a lil bit of shade but I looove it!

  10. i must say, they all have some sexy ass legs!!! and they all look great!!!

  11. how the hell this
    picture shady?

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