QUE speaks out about gettin’ the BOOT

posted by keasyy

Que from GAY26 got on USTREAM and spilled the tea (like queens do) about the group getting rid of him.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

i personally think its hilarious that he talked so much shit about Aubrey O’day gettin kicked out. and now its happening to him… btw w/e happened to him and dawn??


8 Responses to “QUE speaks out about gettin’ the BOOT”

  1. HubbaHubba Says:

    Hideous. He looks like Sid..from Ice Age.

  2. [Jlo] What goes arouuuuuuuuuuuuund, comes back around…
    Then you get what you deserve….. [/Jlo]

  3. They broke up because she’s been getting it in with Diddy, real talk.

  4. gay26? i thought u were a positive BLOG SITE…lmaoooo

  5. IHate_Bhaterz Says:

    Damn w/e happened to Day 26? They are some hasbeens who neverwas…I really don’t understand what happened to Bad Boy they is flopsss!..
    and KAHLABOO 85% of blog sites are negative lmao…
    That’s why I don’t get why ppl hate Perez, to me he’s just another negative blogger like the other 85% of bloggers out there lol..

  6. blake Says:


  7. lmaooo child wat is a day26 ??

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