Rihanna 1.0

posted by keasyy

i just want you to watch the old Rihanna’s LIVE performances

rih rih 1.0

rih rih 2.0


WDF happened!? she used to move and groove! now me, myself, i like Rihanna & i get her wanting to be this bad/demonic/fashion model/super whore, but why did she have to take away the dancing??! she wasn’t no Ciara or Janet, hell even Britney but atleast she used to MOVE !! now she just walks left to right! ESPECIALLY live. NOW its like she’s this CARELESS ROBOT (rihanna 4.0)

do u think she just doesn’t care??
i want the RIHANNA 4.0 music with the RIHANNA 1.0-2.0 moving, & grooving.

wutdoyou think?

ps-please put ur STANNING for beyonce aside for one post plz

11 Responses to “Rihanna 1.0”

  1. lfmao @bad/demonic/fashion model/super whore<<<i love when she used to dance as well she seemed like she was cultured, innocent and entertaining…and your right she does seem robotic now she seems stiff like she is not allowed to dance or something….id rather see a girl try and dance than to see her just stand there singing….dancing adds more to live performances…lets face the new walking dead Rihanna has better music, but the old energetic Rihanna is who i fell in love with

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! She was soooo good on that Break It Off performance!! Those little high notes she was hitting sounded good too.

    I for one just want to say, that her style change
    is for the better. She was cute and all back then,
    BUT the new look works better for her if you ask me.

    And it would be nice to have all the dancing and
    stuff back, but I think she changed it because of
    all the Beyonce comparisons and whatnot, because
    that’s what I saw in the Break It Off performance.

    I think she is doing what the hell she wants to do
    and she doesn’t give a damn what ppl are going to
    think of her. And it’s working for her..
    Whether her album is selling or not, she’s got
    something that works for her and makes her hot,
    and if she likes it I love it.

  3. its not even about being compared to beyonce. if u watch THOSE VIDEOS and then watch her perform HARD on SNL or something….. its like HELLO… ur on tv… ur on stage.. DO SOMETHING!!

    i love her new look tho. its sexy for her… cuz that pon de river shit was NOT CUTE … her new look and attitude is GREAT. but with new look and attitude did she have to get rid of her stage presence?? thats all im sayin –keasyy

    ps- i think her new IDGAF attitude is going to hurt her in the long run… cuz even tho we may SAY we DGAF … GAF is what makes ppl like u.. and buy albums… cuz she floppin right now.

    *the customer is always right*

    • I think ppl are just stuck on her being that
      pop chick that was in the mirror for like 2 minutes
      singing “Please Don’t Stop The Music” before she
      finally went to the club and half danced for about a minute.

      PERSONALLY.. I like the new album.
      I liked GGGB, but this one just gives me
      everything I want. I have been semi stanning
      lately.. And I love it..

      But yes, she can do some dancing or give some type
      of energy to her performances.. IDK what to say
      when it comes to her sometimes..

      “what you see is what you get” ? maybe?

  4. sad sad story sucks

  5. “sad sad story? Sucks”

    Thats all you could say???

    :grabs you by the collar and chains you back up to the doghouse:

  6. what bout rih rih 3.0??? ii think she danced.

  7. IHate_Bhaterz Says:

    I Think Rihanna should bring back dance moves ur right..But looking at her dancing (I know you said No Beyonce but…) but it looks Beyonceish….Maybe she was trying to be diffrent from the pack idk…But she should deff. bring back some moves…and I think she actually dances better then Britney seeing as she’s keeping up with the choreography and is singing LIVE!…See Rihanna if you danced it would give you somewhat of an excuse to fuck up on the song vocally.

  8. Idk what a stan is 😦

  9. blake Says:

    I never really saw bey when i looked her except for the hair other than that she was doing her own thing.she could dance and not be compared to anybody,so thats not an excuse for her in my book.I just think she doesn’t want too.But girl need to do something cause her energy is -0,at least talk more to the crowd if u not gone dance get them hype about something.Put more personality into her voice i mean there are a lot of other things she could do if she not gone dance,but like she said herself right now she don’t give a fuck album is FIRE THOUGH.

  10. Lmfao Yall dirty for this! Dont do Rih Rih! The songs she have now aren’t for dancing to the beats aren’t dancing beats in her defense!

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