Rihanna and Jay-z Perform Together

posted by keasyy

Jigga Man & ANTM’s Rihanna performed @ the Rockefeller Center in NYC lastnite. for the Carson Daly New’s Special — airing on NBC December 31st.

peep the pics below 🙂

see more after the jump


7 Responses to “Rihanna and Jay-z Perform Together”

  1. I KNOW She cold.
    Looks cute though.

  2. OOooh!! I didn’t know that there were more pics when you clicked on it!!
    :goes to look at other pics to give another opinion:

  3. The first outfit is sexy.
    Looks cold though.

    The second one,
    I don’t like the boots.
    But she can pull it off.

    Cute. 🙂
    I love to see her smile.

  4. It looked good 🙂

  5. chile what rihanna got on.but heell i see ya girl

  6. haha I can’t wait to see it when it comes on TV, I hope she sounds alright, because I know her ass was cold! lol

  7. Angel Says:

    Rihanna yo black ass. i know you cold.

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