CONFIRMED: Beyonce to perform @ the GRAMMYS

posted by keasyy

ET confirmed that Beyonce WILL be performing at the 52nd ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS  source

figures… she does hold the MOST nominations! pow! SUSAN BOYLE!

what will she perform?! hope not SINGLE LADIES


12 Responses to “CONFIRMED: Beyonce to perform @ the GRAMMYS”

  1. She better perform something good or we gon have problems when she gets home!

    • if she start off the performance with “taaaatoooo your naaaame aaacross my heaaaart” i swear to god i will turn

      • merryCHRISTmas Says:

        Or “I neeeeeeedd a maaa-aaaann, I neeeed a man that maaaaakes me..and taaaaakess meee..” *BOOM* “All the single ladies! All the single ladies”

      • She better not perform single ladies iWill die!!!!!!

  2. IHate_Bhaterz Says:

    Bey better not peform single ladies lmfao! I wouldn’t mind if she peformed sweetdreams tho! Since she hasn’t done an american sweet dreams TV peformance.. but OMG! I will fucking die if she peforms with GaGa =]…& Beyonce is always number 1 when it comes to peformances, she’s the only one who had the MTV crowd hype even tho she was doing that tired ass single ladies dance she was doing since like Jan. lol..And a majority poll showed peepz liked Beyonce’s VMA peformance out of evreyone so she’s the Queen either way! Her worst peformance is still better then your favs best peformance, who mad?

  3. this bitch better not perform SINGLE LADIES plleeasssee NO..she should do a MEDLEY though…idk just somethin diffrent

  4. I dont care what she performs.
    Long as she performs.

    I just hope she doesn’t do no
    slow shit. I will die.

  5. Nadine Says:

    i really don’t mind if she performs single ladies because i love when she performs it. anyway she can do whatever she want as long she’s performing :p

  6. fukking BEYONCE nerds…..hell it will be 2010 single ladies is fukkin PLAYED OUT…….like bitch do somethin else besides damn singe ladies

  7. OmgItsMel Says:

    HOPE NOT SINGLE LADIES, its been done TOO MUCH. im thinkin she might do something off of of the i…am side of her album. We’ll See!

  8. Dwayne Says:

    I love beyonce thats the purpose im on this site and if she performed single ladies i would not be mad because the song still hot Beyonces the best stop hating

  9. haha, Angelina is so funny! I love her.

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