New Music: Ken Dahl "Exposure" MUSIC VIDEO

posted by keasyy

Ken Dahl has given TheCreoleCorner an EXCLUSIVE look at his new music video: Exposure!
peep below!

From his new album The Adahlcalypse
listen / download HERE

follow him on twitter @kendahl4u


8 Responses to “New Music: Ken Dahl "Exposure" MUSIC VIDEO”

  1. Meagaveli Says:

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooved it. His music is so beautiful. Him and Siiren are TAKING ovah!

  2. Electricelove Says:

    ok at first I was likee O_o! but the song is catchy! I like kinda.

  3. Wayne Says:

    Like for real, for real???
    So a bitch gotta be autotuned to
    def to get a promo in this bitch?

  4. Wayne Says:

    Nah… but forreal..
    I like some of his stuff.

  5. memyselfnme Says:

    i kinda like the song. the beat REALLY reminds me of madonna’s “love profusion”

  6. dont even know who this is…

  7. Jamie Fierce Says:

    i love ken dah.. he is so fetch! *ow*

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