So Rihanna DOESN'T have to wear clothes!

posted by keasyy

A few posts ago we reported that Rihanna had been asked to tone down her sexy for her ABU DHABI gig. And new reports surfaced saying that was a lie!

‘‘the facts and figures recently reported around Rihanna’s Abu Dhabi concert are totally inaccurate. Rihanna is bringing an incredible new stage show to the capital and there’s no doubt the event will be fantastic; an ideal way to celebrate the beginning of a new decade.”

so a naked Rihanna is what we’ll see! YAY!


4 Responses to “So Rihanna DOESN'T have to wear clothes!”

  1. YESSSSSSS This is gone be hot, “Yup, you know this”

  2. AKisdabest Says:

    yes for being half naked; lets just hope her vocals are better than decent this time

  3. yes!!!!!!!
    We’ll be naked together

  4. […] If you follow TheCreoleCorner’s posts (if not, you should!) you’d know the story behind this concert. IF NOT you can find part 1 here and part 2 here […]

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