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In recent interview Lady Gaga brought up her new video with BEYONCE here’s what she said:

“I’m in the middle of writing the treatment for the video (‘Telephone’) so I have the song on my mind and I have been speaking with everyone that I’m working on the video with and pitching to everybody the treatment that I’ve come up with and it’s very, very exciting. So to all my little monsters who are listening I can’t wait for you to see it.”



5 Responses to “Gaga talks TELEPHONE VIDEO”

  1. Yassss to my gaga!!!!!

  2. HubbaHubba Says:

    Hallelujah GAGA and BEY!

    I might die when I see this video.

  3. #noshade to bey but with GAGA creative ass this VIDEO might SLAY!

  4. whoop whoop i cant wait 2 see dis

  5. My aunt #inmyhead GaGa 🙂
    iLikey this
    Now Make “Dance In The Dark”

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