Gaga Spotted in Miami

posted by keasyy

Lady GaGa leaves the Nobu restaurant in Miami, Florida on December 30th, wearing more crazy sh&t after hanging out with Perez Hilton.

O_o if this is fashion…

5 Responses to “Gaga Spotted in Miami”

  1. she looks fukkin stupid

  2. VaunTV Says:

    Gaga does ish like this for attention.. Thats why Perez is only in his boxers. I guess she thinks its helps her image an dproves that she’s “different” but in all actuality she just looks a fu%*in mess.

  3. ari0701 Says:

    i love my gaga bitch but bitch wtf are you wearing? that shit is not the bizness! #getyourshittogether

  4. AKisdabest Says:

    what the hell gaga? sometimes she really does go too far wit her “fashion”

  5. Ok iDont like this too much 😐

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