New Music: Cassie “Skydiver”

posted by keasyy

Download HERE


8 Responses to “New Music: Cassie “Skydiver””

  1. I like this.. it’s smooth..

  2. Wayne Says:

    I really really like this. I just listened to it
    twice while I played Crazy Taxi, and yep yoo
    knoe dhis Im bout to listen to it again..

    ppl gonna prolly hate on it and sheeit.
    cause they are haters…

    She aint howling to the moon and
    whatnot, but the song still sounds
    smooth and her voice rides it really
    nice. I am looking forward to her
    new album, but all these singles leaking
    and then one video.. and then no buzz
    is not gonna help…

  3. AKisdabest Says:

    its ight

  4. Wayne Says:

    I think Im about to download this now.
    Thanks Creole corner!!

  5. babiboi1028 Says:

    It’s pretty good, but its not amazing. Not good enough for a “come back” but whatever


  7. ..iiTS EH…iiM NOT REALLY iiNTO CASSiiE.–Amir S.

  8. Jovonnie Says:

    OK, OK, I see ya Cassie. DEFINITELY NOT a comeback song, but it’s a good like album song. I wonder when she’s gonna make a comeback. hmmm… nice song overall though.

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