"God Hates Lady GAGA"

posted by keasyy

behind every successful ___, lies a pack of haters

she also has a DISS SONG click to check it out

team gaga — lol wutdoyou think??


10 Responses to “"God Hates Lady GAGA"”

  1. Damn people need lives.
    Im glad RIhanna aint doing the Gay rights activist shyt like Gag or they’d rip her to shreads. I could hear it now, “Bitch thats why you got beat”
    “Jesus sent Chris to beat you” Some crazy ass shyt. But Gaga is above it.
    Im proud of her, standing up for us, Shes one of the most inspiring artists out right now!

  2. GaGa is a Bad Bxtch!!!!
    iLoves her 🙂

  3. Shagaboo Says:

    I have a ?….
    What makes anyoneeeee say that God hates fags?
    I mean how do we know God hates fags, when we don’t even know who God is. Ppl act like there’s not millons of other man made Gods in the world, what makes Jesus the real one? the bible justified slavery , murder, child abuse now homophobia and we still worship it??? smh at society STILL not seeing that the gov. made the bible up to keep us in fear. Sorry but this type of stuff gets me a lil mad..lol

    • Wayne Says:

      Uhmmm… God is real.
      And I can testify to that…
      Just because you haven’t seen him and
      all that.. That’s where your faith has to come in.

      Thats the HUGE factor in believing in God.
      You have to take a chance on faith and just
      believe that it’s real.

      Idk.. But I’ve had my times when I needed him.
      And I didn’t know whether to put my faith in him or
      not, but TRUST and believe, I did, and I was shown
      how real he is…

      Think Im lying…

  4. AKisdabest Says:

    this lady is soooo ignorant; if she belives in GOD so much, she would know that GOD hates noone; smh

  5. Wayne Says:

    ^^^ I was just about to say that…
    I never knew God to hate ANYONE.

  6. memyselfnme Says:

    wayne, sweetheart, keep your religion to yourself. it’s cool that YOU believe that god is real, but you can’t tell anyone else to believe.

    ANYWAYS, it was my understanding that god hates NOTHING ! i don’t believe a pure god would be capable of hate. why would a god who says to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES hate anyone?

  7. ari0701 Says:

    who the fuck is this basic ass stranger bitch to so called speaking for god? gir puhlease! gaga is badder than you’ll ever be in your life bitch!

  8. Lada gaga is a respectable artist, and I love her songs. That had to be made clear before I say what I have to say. I think lady gaga looks like a man. She has very rough features which creep me out! Do you guys agree? It could be just because of her makeup

  9. Enter for a chance to win Free GA tickets July 6th at Gaga’s sold out NYC show, MSG. All you have to do to win is submit an entry expressing your love for Lady Gaga. If you don’t live in the area and this contest won’t be of any use to you, please submit your thoughts/art/whatever to the site anyway to support Lady Gaga. Read more: http://www.gagaslittlemonstersblog.wordpress.com

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