New Electrik Red 'Touch Me'

Posted by Beez

A new Electrik Red song leaked today. It’s a nice lil tune, I wondered what happened to them after their album dropped. But then I remembered they’re signed to Rihanna Def Jam.

Thanks to WayneDaStar


2 Responses to “New Electrik Red 'Touch Me'”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Lemme get my stan on a lil bit.
    ha ha ha..

    Lesley is killing her vocals as usual.
    This is the first time Sarah has done a lead
    vocal, and she sounds good.
    Binkie does what she does.
    And Naomi is keeping the song together throughout.

    I VERY much prefer this over the overtly vulgar
    stuff that the Dream put together. Even though I
    liked it.

    When they work on their own, and do their own
    writing and things like, they make better music.

    2010 will be much better for them.

  2. Jovonnie Says:

    hmmm… it’s OK… I don’t remember them for some reason.

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