A Message From The Good Sis Kanye West

Posted by Beez

I’m excited to hear his new music. Arrogance and attitude aside, I enjoy Kanye. I just can only hope he continues to humble himself.


2 Responses to “A Message From The Good Sis Kanye West”

  1. yyyaas KANYE said that…….

  2. OK, i love kanye & all he does but HONESTLY. i think kanye is bullshittin’ us right now. lol. i mean, let’s keep it 100. this is NOT kanye’s FIRST time saying, “thanks for the support”, “it’s all about the music now”, “let’s be true artist”, & a bunch of other smooth ways of putting words together along those lines. kanye does & says stupid shit without thinking of the effect but hasn’t gotten this far without SMARTS. duh. & i don’t want to take anything away from him & be like “ppl don’t change” yada yada yada. but do i believe MR.WEST has this quick? most certainly not. lol. but i could be proven wrong & i hope so, but we shall see. i’m staying tuned.

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