Laurieann Gibson Confirms She's doing the BEYGAGA "Telephone" Choreo!

posted by keasyy

If you’re a dancer, or know anything about dancing, you KNOW a little about Choreographer: Laurieann Gibson. She just told me via TWITTER that not ONLY did she do the choreo for Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance — BUT! she is also doing the choreography for Telephone!! The video will be shot soon and is SURE to slay the “dream killas” with Laurieann behind the 8 counts!

here’s our convo!

click to enlarge.


18 Responses to “Laurieann Gibson Confirms She's doing the BEYGAGA "Telephone" Choreo!”

  1. omnmgg yyaass u was tweeting the BITCH OK OK OK……yyaass

  2. bad2fierce Says:

    This will be a video for the nations!!!! aaaagggghhhh!!!!!

  3. ari0701 Says:

    i damn sure aint a dancer but i know about this bitch! and this video is gone fucking slay! super excited!

  4. OmgItsMel Says:

    umm, choreo for bad romance was WACK..

  5. AKisdabest Says:

    u all lucky to have a whole convo wit her lol but im waitin to see this video

  6. Electriclove101 Says:


  7. babiboi1028 Says:

    This is video is going to kick ass! I can’t wait to see it!

  8. triceee. Says:

    this video should be interesting, can’t wait to see it.

  9. mizz-nafey Says:

    BeyGaGa will SLAY!!! …as long as they dont pull another videophone stunt, *side-eye* lol.

  10. Am I the only who still isn’t hooked on this
    song?? I mean it just doesn’t do anything
    for me like it is for ya’ll..

    But I still can’t wait to see the video though.

  11. […] Lady Gaga For 944 Magazine Check out Lady Gaga photospread for the lastest issue of 944 magazine shot by photographer Max Abadian. Im loving these photos of Lady Gaga, I cant wait to see the video for Telephone Laurie Ann Gibson is gonna be the Choreographer for it Source. […]

  12. OMG!!!! Dis vid is goin to slaaaaaaaay! I love gaga n bey! Its gon b off da HOOK! *sits n thinks* I wonder if bey gon do crazy stuff lik gaga does. Cus yall c gaga toned it waaaaay down when she was n beys vid video phone. Neway its gon slay! So who mad stay mad?

  13. […] wait!!! We previously posted that Laurieann Gibson was doing the choreo. for the vid. click here if you haven’t read that post […]

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