Tiffany Evans back in her bathroom… again

posted by keasyy

Little Miss Evans recently posted ANOTHER video of her singing in that bathroom of hers just like Brandy does, she slayed. She’s singing Whitney Houston’s HIT “I have Nothing”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

eat your heart out rihanna!

wutdoyou think??

7 Responses to “Tiffany Evans back in her bathroom… again”

  1. driver40 Says:

    I like her! I remember seeing her years ago on oprah… when she was little.

    Good blog! I just posted a POWERFUL video on my blog! I hope you find it uplifting!


  2. Jovonnie Says:

    yesssssssss Tiffany! you betta! haha. i think she did REALLY good, like she NEEDS to be in somebodies recording studio singing REAL shit, besides “promise ring”. BOOOOOO, next. & i love rih rih (my psycho bxtch for LIFE) but vocally, little Tiffany is shittin’ on her unless rih rih is holding back which i HIGHLY doubt but anywho, overall i thought it was good. & good post. keep em’ commin!

  3. Why would rRIhanna eat her heart out?? Smmfh Whats a Tiffany Evans anyways??? Lemme leave this site before i get mad…

  4. AKisdabest Says:

    Tiffany was killin that song but her hand movements are too funny to me lol

  5. Wayne Says:

    She killed this!! It’s a video
    of her on youtube where she
    in the studio recording
    a song… ANd I PROMISE YOU
    it sound like a beyonce ballad..

    It sounds soooo good!!!!

  6. The gurl has a TRUE voice. Rhianna is jus a pretty gurl wit banging style. No if riri can sing then she would slay! But da only thing dats saving her career is her style n dat she got beat up by breezy. Sips tea.

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