Christina Aguilera In Marie Claire And Reveals Album Title

Posted by Beez

Christina covered February’s edition of Marie Claire where she also had a spread and an interview. Inside she revealed that her upcoming album is called Bionic (I’m soo happy she canned Light & Darkness). But I was talking to my good sis Ian today about the state of Christina’s career, her last album didn’t perform too well and she hasn’t had a #1 since ‘Lady Marmalade’ (2001) nor a song in the top 5 since ‘Beautiful’ (2002). While she is a star, she seems like a peasant in a sense. It’ll be interesting to see what she comes with this album, and the title is catchy. Peep more pics below.


4 Responses to “Christina Aguilera In Marie Claire And Reveals Album Title”

  1. Look how fuckin’ awesome she looks
    without all that damn makeup!!

    She looks like she did when she first
    started out!! Now if she keeps this look
    and comes back out with some HOT music!

    She can dominate the charts like she used to.

    I remember they asked Justin Timberlake about
    who had the best voice of our generation, and I was
    hoping he was gonna say Beyonce, but he didn’t he
    said Xtina, and I got kinda upset, but then she just
    fell off the face of the earth..

    I hope she comes back and shows why he said what he

    I mean, her having the voice wont change..
    but ya know… just show ppl why
    they gon learn to stop calling her


  2. she looks so BEAutiful

  3. well Keeps Getting Better and Ain’t No Other Man were top 10 hits. But anyways she already has staying power. I will be buying this new album as I did other albums. Where the hell is Lauryn Hill and countless others?

  4. AKisdabest Says:

    she looks HOT; i cant wait to hear her new music

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