Get Ya MONEY Up REMIX w| @NickiMinaj

posted by keasyy

♫download here


5 Responses to “Get Ya MONEY Up REMIX w| @NickiMinaj”

  1. I heard this yesterday. And I like.
    They should have kept Trina on it to.
    And it would have been hot. A nice lil hit
    for all girls.

    And with a killer video!! It would have been
    slamming!! Ladies Night Part 2!!!

  2. Ps this pic of her is HOT as hell!!! 🙂
    And it would be nice to see a pregnant
    Keyshia gettin down in the video! lmfao!

  3. she had to throw nikki on there………..chile she always got somebody featuared in her songs..or always featured in someone elses song…wtf is up with that…chile im still waiting for that SMASH OF THE SMASH hit proveing her self……damn! she gettin hot off other people

  4. AKisdabest Says:

    nicki is the next lil wayne wit bein ft. on songs but thats good for her and i like the song too; nice to hear from keyshia; shes been M.I.A for a while with gettin knocked up and all and dealin wit frankie and neffie

  5. iDont really like it to much. iLike the original better

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