Keri Hilson — CAPTION THIS game.

posted by keasyy

CAPTION this drunk ass keri pic from New Years Eve

what do YOU think she’s saying?

Fuck………”??? my career? beyonce? bey stans? YOU pick

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6 Responses to “Keri Hilson — CAPTION THIS game.”

  1. :crazy white girl voice:

    “FUuuuuuhhhhhhhhhk YOu MAn!!”

    :Starts to cry:

    “It’s new years eve!! My man just left me!
    My period is on! I just can’t take this anymooooooooore!”

  2. she prolly was sayin fuck my neck..cuz clearly that shit looks ugly and long as fuclk……..

  3. People kept asking if Beyonce and Jay – z was coming…

    “mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn FUCK beyonce!!! fuck illuminati!!!! fuck them all”

    poor keri, they didnt let her in


  4. AKisdabest Says:

    “Fcuk the Bey Stans for always puttin me in my place” as she takes another shot of da NUVO

  5. WhoisKentdotcom Says:

    Her frock is kinda cute

  6. Kris Maxx Says:

    Haha illuminati. She was probly saying “Fuck Destiny’s Child God Damnit. I though I finished they ass and now they back. FUUUCKKKK” “Wheres kanye when you need him”.

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