Unreleased Destiny's Child 'Twirk'

Posted by Beez

Praise him! An unreleased Destiny’s Child song has leaked! While it’s not their best, I always look forward to hearing new stuff from my girls.

Download Here.


8 Responses to “Unreleased Destiny's Child 'Twirk'”

  1. Wayne Says:

    I like it. It’s ghetto. but I like it.
    Scott Storch sucked with DC during
    Destiny Fulfilled.

    The best song he did was that remix
    to cater 2 u.

    But whatever, I love hearing new DC
    music. Can’t wait for a new album!

  2. LOVE IT! 😀 Thanks!!

  3. Electriclove101 Says:

    Its iight! michelle =/

  4. GaGaMANIA Says:


  5. i love it….and im not just saying this becuase i love DC3 the song is just hot……..and i loveeee michelles part

  6. Bey_HubbaHubba_Gaga Says:

    Not their best whatsoever!

    But I do like it. The first listen – did not cut it. But it is not that bad and I absolutely LOVE DESTINY’S CHILD!

  7. ari0701 Says:

    yasss bey you better give me naughty girl! but any hoe this song aint doing it for me! i expect more from dc3!

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