Usher 'Foolin Around'

Posted by Beez

Yet another Usher track has leaked, entitled ‘Foolin Around’ and I’m disappointed, again. Usher’s recent tracks have been less than stellar, it’s like he’s lost his shine which saddens me because he’s my fave male R&B singer. I can only hope he comes with something fire to garner attention for this album or else I foresee a flop.

Download Here.


5 Responses to “Usher 'Foolin Around'”

  1. WhoisKentdotcom Says:

    I think he just needs to go lay low for a couple years and come back. Its clear his creative juices aren’t flowing. I personally haven’t really liked his music since 8701…

  2. AKisdabest Says:

    BLAH; i dont even feel like listenin to the track lol; man i dont think usher will ever be able to top Confessions or even 8701(sb: that was released on my b-day :D) unless he goes back with chilli and break up wit her again

  3. usher is really fallin off..i cant defend you on this when people say usher needs to sit down..becuz you not backing it up for real…blaahh #on2thenext1

  4. iKinda like it

  5. 2Exquisite Says:

    i like it….

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