Fantasia addresses rumors on 106&park

posted by keasyy

Fantasia Burrino stopped by 106&park yesterday to promote her new VH1 show, along with BET’s Celebration of Gospel Show that’s coming up. She also took some time to address some recent rumors about her. Check it out below

see interview AFTER the jump

part 1

part 2

Fantasia For Real Commercial


5 Responses to “Fantasia addresses rumors on 106&park”

  1. Robier Says:

    I really enjoyed her honesty. people have no idea what performers go thru

  2. God, she’s pretty!!!!
    Can’t wait to see everything she
    does this year!!

    Waiting for the show and album!!
    yep yep!! 🙂

  3. awww this was cute….love her realness……..atfirst i wasent gonna watch the show….then i seen like a 2 min PROMO shit looks god i will be watching……..but um she shoould have CLEARED! up the TMOBILE rumor….lol

  4. @JustTerrell Says:

    yall on yall SHYT iv been lookin for this…I Love the hell outta her..cant wait for the album..

  5. I cant wait till her show comes out

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