Throwback Thursday: ALL THAT performances!

posted by keasyy

Now I’m a 90’s baby so All That was my favorite show on Nickelodeon besides Kenan & Kel. For Throwback Thursday I decided to post some performances from the show of the hottest songs back then. Its fun to see how far/much the artist(s) have improved… if the have #shade.

Peep performances below:

Destiny’s Child – No No No

Mya – Movin’ On

view more performances…

Monica – Spice Boyz Are Mine

Monica – Angel of Mine

Outkast – Rosa Parks

Isnt that crazy how they all improved and became… basically icons.

wutdoyou think??


3 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: ALL THAT performances!”

  1. awwww look at my boo beyonce yass…..but they dead ss wrong for the shoes……lmao……..and that dance break was wack….lol.and hyass for mya..that was my song.hell ALL THAT was my show

  2. I still cannot believe Nick Cannon is married to MARIAH CAREY!!! WTH??!? DC and Monica still got it!

  3. jay3091 Says:

    My favorite No, No, No performance. I love seeing DC4’s old performances. I really want a reunion when Kelly and Bee make up (or maybe K. Rowland will be replaced?)

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