Destiny’s Child leak – ‘Life Like This’

Posted by Beez

What’s up with these DC leaks lately? Lol anyways this song sounds old as hell, like something off of TWOTW or Survivor. Hopefully the leaks continue and we hear something REALLY good.

Download Here


3 Responses to “Destiny’s Child leak – ‘Life Like This’”

  1. My Daddy Goes Hard Says:

    Now the LORD knows I stan for DC3 all day everyday. THAT BEING SAID this song is a fail. I’m sorry.

    But Beyonce looks good in that picture. I love how she has that hand up like “Yes I run this group, crown me b*tch”. Oh yass Bey for that.

  2. kiss ass baby Says:

    What’s up with all the song leaks going on? It’s just like roof-ceiling water drippings on rainy days – with all the rogue employees behind the recording studios who supposed to keep all the unreleased music top secret and hackers breaking in recording music computers to steal unreleased songs and distrbute it in underground places on the internet.

    Only people as evil as cannibals would like to patronize “stolen” music like these (that leak on the net). It doesn’t matter how old or jaw-dropping the song is.

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