Umm Rihanna, Girl….

Posted by Beez

Word has it that her and Matt Kemp aren’t dating, he’s blowin that poosay out the frame every night.

With friends like these, who needs a love interest?

Proving that a little gropefest between friends never hurt anybody—or their status as mingling singles—a rep for L.A. Dodger Matt Kemp is denying that the athlete is dating Rihanna and says that the PDA purveyors are simply having a good time.

Apparently, he has exotic vacations, plays grab ass and drapes himself over all of his platonic buds.

“I think dating might be a stretch at this point,” Kemp’s agent, Dave Stewart (who, despite what his statement would lead you to believe, is actually aware of the photos circulating of Rihanna and Kemp in Cabo San Lucas). told E! News.

“They are in Cabo, but past that they are just good friends, and I don’t think we can label it as anything other than friendship right now. Who knows what will develop past the friendship.”

Only time. But not for long. The twosome is expected to return from their getaway sometime tomorrow.

Now, I don’t know what “friends” do all that ass smacking, kissing, licking and etcetera, but I surely don’t with mines. Now if I’m not mistaken, Matt has to approve this statement before his publicist releases it right? If so, this isn’t a good look for Rihanna and the “young girls she wants to set an example for”.  But, anything to sell those albums…I guess…


3 Responses to “Umm Rihanna, Girl….”

  1. blake Says:

    she doesn’t really care about being an example right now,right now she just rebellious and who can blame her.she 21 she need to get all this outta her system. hell let her be loose lol

  2. Angel Says:

    pshh just damage control

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