Lady GaGa Makes History…Again

Posted by Beez

Lady GaGa has had one of the biggest debut in YEARS.

Lady Gaga has made music history this week after her latest single, Bad Romance, hit the number one spot on the US Airplay Chart, becoming the only artist ever to have their first five singles go straight to the top in the chart’s history.

Add this to the 8.9 million copies shifted of her debut album The Fame (and the subsequent repackaged album The Fame Monster) and the 23-year-old is pretty chuffed.

“Just six months ago, Bad Romance was nothing but a dream, a recurring melody, a lyric hidden on a napkin on my tour bus, Lady Gaga said. “Now, it’s my fifth #1 record, and a reminder to fans to always follow their dreams.”

She adds, “I would like to thank all my beautiful little monsters and my incredibly supportive team for the most memorable year of my life. To have had such a phenomenal reception to my second album, The Fame Monster, is life-changing. I’m so happy I could die.”

Congrats to her. It’s well deserved, she’s been working her ass off and You can tell it’s all paying off. I just hope she doesn’t hit her peak too fast, because all this is coming soooo quickly.



7 Responses to “Lady GaGa Makes History…Again”

  1. Yasssss gaga!!! Yall already kno! Who mad stay mad!!! Hmph! Dnt play!

  2. I like GaGa but nobody cares about the US Airplay chart lol

  3. Ummmm LV b seated its a sayin. N if I wanna say who mad stay mad then I will. Soooooooooooo watever. Yea they got more money then us. Gooood for them but since they do I’m happy fo em. Soooooo yes imma continue to say wat I wanna say ok. So u mad now or at least irritated? Stay mad n irritated! *grabs tea n sips*

  4. And hunni I’m not a fag! I’m a grown woman wit a grown woman parts! N 2nd of all gaga does hav a college degree she went to NYU. N bey been makin $$$$ since she was 16…. So stay mad boo. Dats all pack it up!! N u low key a fag ya self!

  5. Oh one more thing I got a college degree. At da age of 20 wit honors. So u mad now? Dats all on to the nex sir or watever u r!

  6. ya’ll serious bout that Godga shit?

  7. Angel Says:

    “Godga”? i pray people will refrain from looking at her (and anyone else) as a “god”. please.

    don’t get me wrong though, she is talented.

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