Alicia Keys’ SNL performances

posted by keasyy

Alicia Keys performed on SNL latenight…

Empire State of Mind Part 2

Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart


note: if youtube removes the videos we’ll update A.S.A.P

in other news…

We might be getting a music video for “Put it in a love song”

Are you gonna get your wish to see the video for “Put it in a Love Song” with Beyonce? “I have to say it’s looking really likely, ‘cause we have to do that,’” Keys revealed. “And we’ve already talked about where we want it to be. We’ve been toying with some ill locations. She’s an incredible lady and I absolutely consider her a friend. And we are going to totally, entirely blow your whole head backwards when we do that video”. – Alicia Keys

wutdoyou think??


2 Responses to “Alicia Keys’ SNL performances”

  1. […] Saturday Night Live welcomed the new decade with a duo of seasoned SNL vets,featuring basketball star Charles Barkley and R&B diva Alicia Keys in the show’s first episode of 2010… Alicia Keys' SNL Performances « BNk| The Creole Corner […]

  2. Wayne Says:

    1st to leave a comment!!!
    And what does that meaaaaaaaaaaan??!

    I’m the baddest bitch! Ow!

    Good performances.
    She looked good.
    Sounded good.
    She is def on point this era with the promo.
    She already sold a solid 71k, and this is gonna
    garner her some more good sales.
    Can’t go wrong with Alicia.

    And the skit was hella funny.
    I love her.
    FUCK what they say. 🙂

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