CREOLEmusic | Christina Milian ‘Welcome To Vegas’ & ‘I’m Sexy’

Posted by Beez

Two new tracks have leaked from Gold Digging Mastermind Christina Milian. ‘I’m Sexy’ and ‘Welcome To Vegas’ are both rumored to be off her upcoming album Elope. I’m Sexy is a snooze fest to me, I couldn’t make it halfway through without losing complete focus. Welcome To Vegas I like however. It has a nice groove to it and sounds like it would be a dope album opener. Check em out below.

Welcome To Vegas


I’m Sexy



One Response to “CREOLEmusic | Christina Milian ‘Welcome To Vegas’ & ‘I’m Sexy’”

  1. I”ve always loved Welcome To Vegas since I heard the
    snippet a while back.. And the full version sounds
    even better. I’m actually glad that Milian got with
    the Dream (music wise) because before him
    she made good music, but it was like she didn’t have
    a sound that was fit for her. But with the Dream, she
    actually has some depth to her voice. And seems
    like she could have appeal.

    Not feeling “Im Sexy” as of now.
    But it sounds like one of those songs
    that ppl might fall in love with and then I’ll
    go back and listen to it again and I’ll like it.
    I bet if she did a vid to it, it would be hot.

    But “Elope” is basically over.
    She’s pregnant now, and the buzz
    she did have for the album is gone.
    She should have released “Zipper” when
    she had the chance.

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