New Music Video | Omarion “Speedin”

posted by keasyy

Omarion has been on his GRIND! This is his 3rd video off his album OLLUSION in stores tomorrow.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Omarion isn’t goin with the “sex sells” approach this time around… will that be his downfall??

wutdoyou think??


6 Responses to “New Music Video | Omarion “Speedin””

  1. imjustsaying Says:

    i LOVE the emotion in his voice here!

  2. Follow Omarion on Twitter @1omarion

  3. Electriclove101 Says:

    I loved itt!!! let find out I gotta check out Omarion album.

    Only thing that bother me is that shit on the back of his head. like wtf is that. ehh. But the video was hot.

  4. LOVED IT!.love this song

  5. Varis Says:

    I actally love this song. and his album is pretty decent.

  6. imjustsaying Says:

    i love this song and video and i think that omarion is talented but isnt getting the credit/respect he deserves because as u said, “Sex sells” and he isnt all about just making a sex sell type of track and i respect him for NOT doing that. he’s awesome

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