Ray J & Danger GAY SCANDAL [full story]

posted by keasyy

Okay 1st look at this video where Danger, of VH1 says that Ray J is GAY and he’s fxxkin Young Buck.

“Ray J’s gay, I’ll tell you why on this show,” stated Danger in her interview. “Ray I love you, I respect you but after the two years of Danger ‘smashed the homie’ t-shirts — what I had to go through first season, me being pregnant by Gabriel [Cannon], you claiming it was you everywhere on earth… you are selling me everywhere, listen n*gga I’m not a pimp h*e, you’re not going to pimp me, I’m not Kim Kardashian…I’m really mad too.. Young Buck and Ray J.. going strong f*cking with each other for years, and Young Buck does not have one percent of what Ray J has and it’s like ‘Ray J, you’re not looking out for your boy?’ …he likes d*ck too” while singing off with “he likes the boys in the baaand, he says that Young Buck’s his all time favoriteeee!” (Hip Hop RX)

and THEN brandy tweeted:

and so did Young Buck:

and FINALLY Ray J called into a radio station (TT TORREZ)

“I still got love for Danger and that’s my peoples but I didn’t return none of her calls in the past two or three weeks so she threatened to say ‘Yo, I’m gonna tell people you’re gay,'” Ray J said in a statement. “She went along with it and actually did it! I’m not gay but at the same time I got love for gay people because I work with gay people and I got a couple of friends that gay and that’s cool. I’m comfortable with my sexuality so I ain’t trippin’. I just didn’t want people to think that I like men because I don’t. I got her back even though she’s going through some things right now. Sometimes that happens with new stardom and I’m not gon leave her behind and I’m not gon leave her in the dust. We both upset with each other but its OK because Im going to work it out with her soon and we gonna be friends again.”


wutdoyou think?

7 Responses to “Ray J & Danger GAY SCANDAL [full story]”

  1. this is bullshit……..she is a dumb ass bitch……..i dont beleive it all……she is only doing it for publicity and be known….i know ray really regrets haveing danger on the show etc etc she is a crazy ass bitch….but i know its some people out there that think its oh soo true….BS!….

  2. and bitch dont come for KIM KARDASHIAN you dumb ass hoe……….

  3. KevinJ Says:

    “A 10 and a 20! No 1’s!!! And it was a mixed dude so i gave it to all cultures!” <== iDied hahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!

  4. […] off if you don’t know this weeks history of the Ray J being GAY drama click here | NOW LOONEY ASS DANGER must’ve gotten a call from Brandy, cuz NOW she’s saying that […]

  5. [effinqq.qorqeousz[ Says:

    yoh dihsz shit ihsz crazyee..dihsz bitch done lost her effinqq mind..wtf wuhsz she tihinkinn..she has no fuckin lifee..soh ii mean..she aint qettin dha attention she want from rayj so…she qotta qet it frm sumwhea..well..she juhszt dne exploited how much of ah compulsive liar she ihsz..lied wen he asked did she smash ah homie..now dha bitch makin mula off it…dumb ass…

  6. Not too sure how I found this blog but glad I did.

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