Please Help Haiti

Posted by Beez

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake yesterday. Killing what some believe to be 100’s of thousands of people. Their country has been wiped out and an estimated 3 million (a third of the country’s population) people have been affected.

President Barack Obama has promised the nation “swift, coordinated and aggressive” assistance from the U.S., calling the tragedy “truly heart-wrenching”.

I’m asking you, to please do whatever you can to help out the people of Haiti. Donate $5 by texting YELE to 501501 or visit Donate $10 by texting 90999. Please note that 100% of your proceeds go towards helping the people of Haiti. Also visit here to find out other ways you can help. If you can’t afford to donate any money at least take a little bit of time to say a prayer. Think if it was your people, or if you were in the same situation.


One Response to “Please Help Haiti”

  1. Look, the dirty riffraff are relieving Haiti, :o)

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