CREOLEpics | More From Beyonce’s Nintedo Commercial

Posted by Beez

Earlier this week we posted news about Beyonce’s upcoming Nintendo commercial and now more pics have surfaced! She looks gorgeous and well rested. And I love the new wig. What do Y’ALL think?


9 Responses to “CREOLEpics | More From Beyonce’s Nintedo Commercial”

  1. Electriclove101 Says:


  2. cute..she looks a lil diffrent…..but OMG her shoes r HOT! love them

  3. AKisdabest Says:


  4. shes cute, photoshopped to hell but cute lol

  5. Jovonnie Says:

    BEYYYYYYY! 🙂 natural beauty. *drools*

  6. babiboi1028 Says:

    very cute! I love it

  7. shelly-chelle Says:

    don’t know what’s goin on bey, but i don’t like the wig. She actually looks better with black hair and she looks chinese.

  8. 😦 she doesn’t even look like her self at 1st glance

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