Gaga on Oprah

posted by keasyy


wutdoyou think?


7 Responses to “Gaga on Oprah”

  1. OMG seriously watcing this interview really made me respect LADY GAGA even more…i love her REALNESS….thats soo cool about the tickets sales going to HATI kudos…..she is a genuine person….and the bitch is on OPRAH already seriously u cant hate on that.she is doing the DAMN! thang 4 real!

  2. Wayne Says:

    Yess.. I watched this earlier…
    The interview just shows how GENUINE,
    HUMBLE, REAL, and dedicated she is to her
    craft. She’s a hard worker.

    And despite EVERYTHING that went wrong
    during her performance, she still gave a great
    performance. She is the shit!! 🙂


    Has Rihanna been on Oprah yet?

    And, I don’t know what it is about Lady GaGa but she’s too addicting. I love it and love her!


    She prays too? Illuminati my arse..

  5. cool, i never expected her to donate her ticket sales to Haiti victims. thats great! go head Gaga! … #sidenote her hair kinda reminds me of the Statue of Liberty

  6. Yallllll kno I love me sum gaga!!!! Yasss. And I love how she giving her proceeds to haiti victims!!! Cus jus one of our dollars equals 40 of there dollars!

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