Jessica Simpson gets a VH1 show

posted by keasyy

Jessica Simpson has a new reality tv show coming to VH1. Above is her promo picture for it. The show, The Price of Beautycomes out March 14th


4 Responses to “Jessica Simpson gets a VH1 show”

  1. AKisdabest Says:

    i hope she says off tha wall stuff on this show like on the newlyweds one lol

  2. Wayne Says:

    Hmmm.. This should be interesting.
    I wonder what the show will be like..
    Looks like a contestant show though.
    At least that’s what the title gives me.

  3. omfgggggg where is my damn show

  4. If there was ever a contest for talented singers, Jessica would win for sure. She is an amazing singer and I love the way she dresses. Girl has some serious style and she behaves perfectly in public too. Jessica is my girl… she is one of the rare celebrities I do not hate because wow she is hot and cool. Jessica is a sweet girl and I hope her life ends up the way she wants to..

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