Rihanna to perform on Oprah

posted by keasyy

Part time musician, full time covergirl, RIHANNA, will be performing on Oprah on today. However, she wont be gettin’ Hard, or calling the RUDE BOYs, or asking us to pull the trigger (thank god). The entire episode is dedicated to raising money for the people in Haiti. She will be doing her own rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song“. This will be interesting, and you KNOW we’ll have the video up A.S.A.P

On another note… Rihanna was the last person I thought would be on Oprah after this whole incident; but she does have albums to sell. 0_O

wutdoyou think?


One Response to “Rihanna to perform on Oprah”

  1. WhoisKentdotcom Says:

    Oprah can make or break hoes with the snap of a finger so RiRi trynna get them album sales up a little

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