Willie’s Sextape

Posted by Beez

Of course it’s just the title of his mixtape! Willie (of DAY26) released the cover for his mixtape which is due out Feb. 14.

“I am extremely excited about this project as the main purpose of the mixtape is to showcase my abilities as a songwriter and bring awareness to the launch of my label Noivak Music Group,” says Willie. “I want this album to be known as the soundtrack to your bedroom,” Says Willie.

Um, don’t we have ENOUGH singers making music purely about sex? When is someone gonna try some different? But I sense a full on DAY26 breakup coming on.


4 Responses to “Willie’s Sextape”

  1. I saw it comin from day 1. Every group that Diddy puts together crumbles!!! its a sad thing to say but its pure truth

  2. WhoisKentdotcom Says:

    Willie I think would be the best member to go solo. I genuinely hope he does well. But I am tired of the sex pitch. Between Trey, Omarion, Pretty Ricky and the like all their songs seem to be about is sex

  3. AKisdabest Says:

    yeah they are breakin up soon; cause i dont kno any group members that make mixtapes by themselves

  4. Wayne Says:

    I totally agree.
    I am siiiiiick of sex music..

    Ugh… Can r&b males come with anything else???

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