BeyGaga are shooting “TELEPHONE” today!

posted by keasyy

it’s been confirmed that Lady Gaga and Beyonce are shooting the video to the SMASH hit “Telephone” in L.A today. The theme of the video is set to be women in prison! can’t wait!!! We previously posted that Laurieann Gibson was doing the choreo. for the vid. click here if you haven’t read that post yet.

check out what Gaga Daily tweeted:

Singer/Actor Tyrese tweeted that he was going to be in the video too. Prison Guard perhaps?

Update by Beez:
It will be in B&W ( BLACK & WHITE) Mostly
70’S ISH FEEL or something to do with the 70’s..
Some Frames in Color at then end..
THE DIRECTOR IS : Jonas Åkerlund  (Paparazzi, On To The Next One)

wutdoyou think?


12 Responses to “BeyGaga are shooting “TELEPHONE” today!”

  1. theme dosent even match…anyway…but knowing GAGA the video will be extremly creative and hot

  2. Can’t wait for the video..
    Beyonce rocks,and so does Gaga.

  3. A prison theme DOES match Telephone, in a way. Gaga has explained the song as “the fear of suffocation”.

  4. Go Bey!!

  5. I think the theme matches the song very well..Beyonce+Gaga=AWESOMENESS
    ❤ them

  6. oh alright then…yyaass


  8. Can’t wait to see what it looks like =]

  9. jay3091 Says:

    Jonas Åkerlund didn’t direct On To The Next One. Sam Brown did.

  10. dis is gon be fiyah

  11. Does anyone know if Lady Gaga will be performing at the superbowl? It’s always fun to see wait type of outfit she wears.

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