Beyonce on 60mins (teaser)

posted by keasyy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Beyonce sits down with 60 Minutes to discuss what makes her one of the world’s most successful entertainers, airing before the Grammys Sun., Jan. 31, at 7 ET/PT.


4 Responses to “Beyonce on 60mins (teaser)”

  1. HubbaHubba_Gaga Says:

    She’s so cute! But honestly, lately, her face has been looking off! IDK what is..maybe she’s getting older but something is definitely different.

    Oh and SO OBVIOUS @ her lip syncing @ 00:20

  2. IHate_BHAterz Says:

    @HubbaHubba_Gagawell, when you get older your facial features tend to get smaller….I use to think she had surgery on her nose but if you look at some of her young photo’s she looks the same…maybe botox or somthing she’s loosing weight constantly nd prply changes her facial features…and yeah Beyonce is lip singing….she can do that, she already PROVED she can sing in general and dance at the same time..

  3. how do they go from “parts of her show would make a preacher blush” to video of her shaking her ass? lol

  4. She wasn’t lip singing that performance .. she always has backing vocals and she moved her face from the mic for 1 second and a word came out.


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