CREOLEpics | Keri Hilson in OK Magazine

Posted by Beez

Singer Keri Hilson was featured in OK Magazine where she talked about The Grammy’s and staying in shape. Read it below.

At a photo shoot with OK! the lovely, lively songstress says she is low maintenance, while modeling some top fashions. “I think sex appeal is all about confidence,” Keri tells OK!

Keri always looks in shape, but she admits to OK! that she does not have a big  exersise routine.“I used to be a national swimmer when I was 14,” she said explaining her toned, lean physique.

Even though she does not work out, Keri said eatinghealtyh is an important part of felling good.

So what will Keri be wearing on the Grammy red carpet?
“I really don’t know yet,” she says. “I guess my aim would be to stand out. I want it to be kind of the humble approach of being at the Grammys for the first time, first album. So I want that, something great but not something like ‘I’m here. I’ve arrived.

Peep the rest of the pictures after the break.


3 Responses to “CREOLEpics | Keri Hilson in OK Magazine”

  1. Go head Keri gettin’ yo granny groove on.

  2. Lil Miss Hilson =]

  3. all I can say is I enjoyed it more than last years!

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