First Look | Rihanna On Ellen

Posted by Beez

Here she is taping her episode which is coming up on Monday. She talked about her tattoos and more interestingly her love life (or lack of one thereof). Here’s a quick excerpt below.

Ellen: I read that you said you’re going to fall in love by 31 years old.  That is your goal that you have to be in love by 31. Is that real?   Did you say that.
Rihanna: No, but I hope I am. 31 is a decade away. I better be in love by then.
Ellen: Are you dating anyone now?
Rihanna: No, I’m single.
Ellen: Really, what about that guy we keep seeing you with…
Rihanna: (Laughs)

Sidenote: Now I’m not tryna be messy (#lies), but haven’t we seen this dress before??

First the pink war tank AND Mickey ears, now this? Solo should give her a sickening phone call. #Justsayin


3 Responses to “First Look | Rihanna On Ellen”

  1. I ❤ my RiRi & Ellen

  2. rihanna! pleas return to the old rihanna! ’cause there were you much better than now…? not that you can’t sing , but your old songs are much greater!

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