“Why Did I Get Married Too” Trailer

posted by keasyy

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is the 2nd Trailer for Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too”. The movie stars:  Jill Scott, Sharon Leal, Malika Yoba, my favorite, Tasha Smith, and Janet Jackson. Movie hit theaters April 2nd.

you wanna see crazy?! I’ll show you crazy!!” <<< “you think you crazy?! I’ll show you crazy!!


6 Responses to ““Why Did I Get Married Too” Trailer”

  1. UGGGGGGGGHHHHH I CANT WAIT!!!!!!! I WILL be going to the Midnight Showing lol

  2. Dead @ the comparison so Mrs . Sharon Charles…Janet you tried it girl LMAO

  3. AKisdabest Says:

    looks really good; and oh wow @ janet

  4. iWant to see!!!!!!!!
    April better get her quick.
    btw iCant get married ugh too much.

  5. @DiKEMdWN87 Says:

    Live it

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