Fantasia Performs ‘Even Angels’ On Oprah

Posted by Beez

Alicia Keys 2.0 Fantasia stopped by Oprah to perform her new single ‘Even Angels’ today. I really enjoyed it, when Fantasia’s not hollering a lung out her voice is very pleasant. I’m interested in hearing what this new album will sound like. What do you think?

3 Responses to “Fantasia Performs ‘Even Angels’ On Oprah”

  1. bad2fierce Says:

    Well….being a NC native i simply adore when Tasia hollers to the high heavens. But being a vocal major, i also know she has to learn to do it the right way. But this toned down singing is excellent as well. I love these lyrics as well! I see you Fanny!

  2. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! I ALREADY LOVED THE SONG WHEN I HEARD A CLIP ON FANTASIA FOR REAL. This performance made me love it even more. I have a feeling her albums gonna be really good 🙂

  3. iLove this song!!!!!!!!

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